Motorola Droid Explodes in Owner’s Ear


The robotic uprising may not be upon us just yet, but you can chalk up first blood to the Motorola Droid 2 phone. Either by fluke or evil plotting, one hapless owner’s phone exploded while he was holding it to his ear. Aron Embry of Texas told reporters he was talking on his new phone when he heard a “pop” and felt something dripping. That something turned out to be blood, and the popping sound was the screen’s glass shattering outward, directly into Aron’s ear. The victim of this high tech attacker didn’t suffer any hearing loss, though he did require four stitches to repair the damage his phone did to his ear. Oddly enough, the phone still works despite the shattered screen and newly acquired blood stains.


While Aron and his family consider law suits, Motorola released the following statement: “Motorola’s priority is, and always has been the safety of our customers, and all Motorola products are designed, manufactured and tested to meet or exceed international and local standards for consumersafety. We will reach out to the consumer and investigate this thoroughly.” Until they get to the bottom of this, we suggest that you show your cell phone a little affection and make sure the bloodthirsty things don’t know we’re onto them. Blowing up in your ear, apparently there’s an app for that.

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